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Truly Green Cleaning

Let GreenOffice MV transform your office into a cleaner, healthier and more productive workplace while protecting our fragile environment.

We employ the latest in environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques and technologies. From carbon offsets for our vehicles, to 100% recycled supplies and water saving practices - GreenOffice MV is taking our role as stewards to our planet seriously. We utilize efficient equipment and practices including:

ProTeam HEPA Filter Backpack Vacuums


SUSTAINABLE Environmentally PREFERRED products


Microfiber Cleaning                                


100% Recycled Paper & SUPPLIES              


Martha’s Vineyards


Cleaning Service

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Our Products

Are free of any known human carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens or endocrine disrupters

Must not be corrosive to skin or surfaces and must not be a severe skin or eye irritant

Do not contain toxic dyes

Are not delivered in single use aerosol cans or cans using ozone depleting propellants

Do not contain petroleum-derived or petrochemical blended fragrances

Do not contain heavy metals that are toxic to humans, animal life or the environment

Do not contain chlorine, chlorinated or brominated solvents

Are not listed as hazardous air pollutants by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Readily biodegrade at greater than 90% in thirty days without the need of being run through a municipal effluent treatment process.

Obtained or derived from replenishable natural (plant) sources wherever possible

As concentrated as possible to green the supply chain.


Our Cleaning Standards

Waste Management:

All trash receptacles free of waste and debris.

Sweeping and Mopping of Hard-Surfaced Floors:

Hard-surfaced floors free of soil, residue, film, and streaks. A neutral floor cleaning solution used on all floor surfaces.

Vacuuming of Carpeted areas:

All carpeted areas free of soil and debris. (We do not provide full service carpet cleaning)

Dusting and Detailing of Furniture and Equipment:

Telephones sanitized and free of odor, makeup, and soil buildup. All desks, tabletops, bookshelves, file cabinets, windows sills, chairs, thermostats, pictures, and other office furniture free of dust and debris. All horizontal surfaces of office furniture free of fingerprints, smudges, and wiped streak-free. Glass and doors free of fingerprints, stains and streaks. All computer monitors, CPUs, and printers, as well as all other office equipment free of dust and debris.

High/Low and Ancillary Dusting:

Office corners, ceilings, floors, and baseboards free of cobwebs. Grills, diffusers and high ledges free of dust and debris. Venetian blinds and windowsills free of dust and debris. Interior plants and planters free of dust and debris. Upholstered furniture free of dirt, debris, and hair. Frame and legs free of dust and stains.

Scrub Ceramic Tile Floors:

Floors scrubbed with uniformly clean appearance, free of embedded dirt, debris, film, stains, and marks.

Restrooms Cleaned and Sanitized:

All commodes, urinals and sinks disinfected, free of stains, deposits, hair, debris, films, and odors. All bright work has been dry shined.

Windows & Mirrors Cleaned:

All interior window glass, mirrors, frames, and sills free of fingerprints, water stains, streaks, and films.


All restrooms, sinks, kitchens and so designated areas will sanitized/disinfected, and free of stains, deposits, dust, and films.

Walls/Doors/Switch Plates Cleaned:

Walls, doors, and switch plates free of obvious fingerprints, stains, deposits, dust, and films. (We will be unable to attempt removal of dirt if we feel our attempt may damage the surface in any way.)


Our Training, Memberships & Certifications

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Our Clients

Cape Air
Town of Tisbury
Dukes County Sheriff
US Coast Gaurd
Town of Edgartown
Alex & Ani
Nelson Mechanical Design
Cape Cod Enterology